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We get it - this law gig can be tough. The weight of expectations of others our clients, our team, our bosses and ourselves is huge. The perfectionism can be crippling, the hours can be tough, it can be exhausting keeping
it all together.


We are all about everyday being a learning day, developing learning cultures and learning for fun (not because you have to), learning for a different perspective.


Our perspective on leadership encourages us to think differently, learn how we engage with others, learn what drives us and manage those who see the world differently to ultimately bring us one step closer to a brighter future for our legal profession.

What is Acumen Leadership

Acumen: the ability to make good judgments and intuitive decisions. Clever, insightful, savvy, resourceful. What great words. These themes are at the heart of what Acumen is all about.

Specifically if you have a great awareness of self and others, have a deep sense of curiosity, take time out to understand yourself, your team and your law firm, work out how to manage yourself, and others and have leaning and education culture in your practice and focus what’s next, then the future of the legal profession looks bright, a future with great lawyers doing great work.

Acumen Leadership is a place where lawyers come together to learn – to learn within and beyond the profession. Training for lawyers created by lawyers. Lawyers who work in and understand day to day live in lawland.

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