What are you doing to tick all of your boxes?

Those in business are usually very familiar with the Simon Sinek concept of the ‘Golden Circle’. It is Simon Sinek’s well-founded theory that in order to meet our clients’ needs, we need to be super clear on why it is that we do what we do. By why, Simon means the purpose of the business, the cause or the belief. Why does the company exist. Why do you get out of bed every morning and why should anyone care. In Simon’s book, Start with Why, he makes clear that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

When you are employed and working in a career, the concept is different. You will no doubt have a personal why – it might be that you have an overwhelming sense of justice and that is why you studied a law degree. You might like problem solving and puzzles and that is why you studied a business degree in order to commence your accounting career. You might enjoy working with numbers and projections and hence you love working with people in a financial planning scenario. Whatever it was that drove you to start your study to commence your career, it is what keeps you in your day-to-day job in the present that will drive you in the future.

It is for that reason that understanding your “why” is less important when you are employed in your profession than when you are running a business.

As an early career professional, it’s more important to focus on what it is that drives you each day. Finding a role within your career that ticks all the boxes is what will drive you and give you joy within your career.

Tony Robbins talks about the importance of meeting the six basic human needs. Tony says that these six human needs fundamentally affect the way we make choices. Each of us prioritises our needs differently, and our decisions are based on what needs we put first.

The six human needs, according to Tony Robbins are: certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, connection/love, growth, contribution. You can see the reference to a Tony Robbins article which expands on these at the bottom of this page.

When we talk about being able to find a career or employment that ticks all the boxes we are thinking about these human needs that we all have. Take Jenny for example, one of our founding partners at Acumen Leadership. Jenny is a forensic accountant who specialises in valuing businesses and intellectual property, such as royalties and databases as well as deep diving into the tracing of where monies have been hidden or spent. Jenny says that she looks for a role that stimulates her, provides a challenge, involves problem solving, is project-based, allows her to interact with people and lets her help people.

These are Jenny’s boxes. The role she undertakes as a forensic accountant engaged in business valuation services allows her to be engaged in problem solving. Her work is project-based and has an end. She can interact with people and most importantly Jenny can help people to resolve their matter, so she feels that she is contributing and making a difference in others’ lives.

Take some time to think about what your boxes are. What do you need out of your day-to-day work to give you fulfillment?




** You can see the Tony Robbins article here.

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